Church Partnership

We know that benevolence spending is one of a church’s many ways of spreading the love of Christ to others.  Please consider partnering with us in that mission.

Many women find themselves in need due to past hurts, absentee husbands, death, divorce, military spouse, etc.  Without a proper support system, they struggle to support themselves and their children.  This is where we can help.

Many times meeting an emergency need is a way to connect with a client to examine deeper issues.  We take the time to meet with each of our clients to determine needs, develop a plan of action, and set and reach goals.  In other words, we teach women to fish instead of just feeding them fish.

Our church partnerships are donations and volunteer based and can even be a way for you to host an event or program.  For each commitment of $500, we encourage you to refer up to 5 potential clients that fall within our mission.  Feel free to let us know about Women’s and children’s events your church is hosting so we can share with our clients.  We look forward to exploring the possibilities together.

If your church would like to partner with us, please call (804) 658-5214 or click here.

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