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The Sophie House offers housing assistance for their clients which allows them to find more than a house but their home. A house is an essential component of people’s lives and a physical need we all have. It is more than surrounding walls but provides security, comfort, and an emotional connection. For many of our clients, access to affordable housing is hard to find.

The housing assistance program works with our community partnerships in conjunction with our financial planning and counseling program.  When a single mother or woman is in need of housing or financial assistance, they will fill out an application, meet with the client manager, and discuss their current income and expenses as well as what led to the hardship they are facing.  If the income is not currently enough to sustain the client in her living situation, we will work with her to see about options to increase income and reduce expenses. With the supportive services program, our clients are given the steps and guidance to provide a safe, secure living environment for themselves and their family.

 If you are homeless or about to become homeless, call Commonwealth Catholic Charities at 804.648.4177 or walk into their office at 511 West Grace Street 


The Sophie House may be able to help if you qualify:

  • Ability to pay monthly rent and utilities not to exceed a specific percentage of your income
  • Proof of employment and stable work history (must work at least 30 hours per week or be a student working 20 hours per week.)
  • Have a vehicle for transportation
  • Be substance free for at least one year; could be subjected to random drug testing
  • Participate in programs required by staff, volunteer mentors, and case manager; notably counseling, life coaching, and financial planning programs
  • All of our housing candidates must also undergo an extensive background check

For further options and to ask questions, please contact us at (804) 658-5214 or click here.

If you haven’t worked with us in the past, FIRST complete  our Supportive Services form





Common Questions About The Sophie House Housing Assistance

What are the types of Housing Assistance The Sophie House offers?

It varies, we work with our single women and mothers to guide them through the process of being financially able to qualify for affordable housing options based on their circumstances.  Sometimes that means sharing an apartment or a single family home depending on credit and the individuals previous housing scenario.  We do not currently have a home for placement but will work with you to assist in ways that will work with your budget and market availability.  Credit and Income are two driving factors.

If you have not filled out a form yet please do here.

How long can someone participate in the Housing Assistance program?

Our program is set up for a 3-6 month minimum with the ability to re-apply for extension while participating in services, volunteering, and events.

What do I need to provide and do to get Housing Assistance?

The Sophie House does more than give you, our client, a house, we empower you to have a new way to live.

First, you will need to fill out our housing assistance form here

You must provide information about:

  • Current working situation
  • Previous housing situation
  • Your transportation
  • Personal and professional references (3) and employment verification contact
  • Current financial status
  • And meet with staff for interview

Then you will meet with:

  • Financial planners to set a budget and follow a plan for future independence.
  • Set up counseling sessions to discuss current situation and your future.
  • Meet with a client manager monthly.

You will also be required to volunteer with The Sophie House regularly and participate in programs and classes offered at the community center and with business partners to ensure your success.

Types of volunteer opportunities and classes offered:

  • Volunteer in the food pantry
  • Volunteer at our different fundraising events
  • Host a yard sale, car wash, or bake sale and donate the proceeds
  • Bible Study
  • Budgeting and finances
  • Exercise classes
  • Career advancement classes
  • And much much more

Childcare is usually available for the classes. If you have an idea of a way you would like to volunteer or a type of class that would interest you, please let us know. We are always looking for new ways to help our clients!

What documents do I need to fill out the Housing Application?

Before you start filling out the Housing Application for housing assistance, it helps to have a few documents or information readily available. The application is a few pages long and can take some time to fill out.

  • Monthly Income- What is the source, how much and a contact person to verify
  • Current employer and contact information. If you have a resume please upload it to the form.
  • Emergency Contact- Name, address and phone number
  • 3 Personal References- Name, address and phone number

By collecting this information before you start the form, the process will go very smooth and you will complete it easier. Once you have submitted the form, a member of our staff will get back to you within two business days.

What forms of identification do you take?

  • Drivers License
  • Government Issued ID
  • Passport
  • Military ID Card
  • State Issued ID

What if I need to stay in a particular school zone?

In some instances and based on availability, we can offer help for someone to stay in a specific school zone based on special needs and concerns.

Who can get Housing Assistance?

Our clients, single women of any age and single mothers who have verifiable income, a vehicle for transportation are eligible to discuss options with our client manager.

Women involved in domestic violence situations and currently in danger are referred to a safe house shelter such as  Safe Harbor  or Hanover Safe Place.

Where is the Housing Assistance?

Our clients are primarily within a 15-20 mile radius of our community center on Shady Grove Rd.

I have already submitted my housing application but haven’t heard from anyone.

If you submitted and it has been over a week, please call us at (804) 658-5214.

I do not or cannot fill out a form online, is there another option?

Yes, you can make an appointment and come to our community center located at 4771 Shady Grove Rd. Glen Allen, VA 23059. Our preferred method is online, but we will always take a paper form. You can also print off the form and drop it off or mail too.





For help in finding affordable housing, please contact us at (804) 658-5214 or click here.


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