Financial Planning for Single Moms and Single Women

Financial Planning

Creating a financial plan helps you identify your short and long-term life goals. Whether you’re planning for retirement or just trying to balance your monthly spending, it’s easier to make good decisions and stay on track once you’ve identified your goals.  Budgeting is a key aspect of this process, ensuring you stick to your plan and achieve success. All participants in our program must meet with staff or volunteers to create and maintain a budget as part of their path to stability.

We partner with financial professionals to do just that.  They meet with our clients on an individual basis to ensure the client is an active participant in creating their financial success.  Our process is simple.  First you tell us your short and long-term needs and wants; then we work together to develop a realistic budget that ensures you have money for those things you need and teaches you how to save for the things you want.  Our professionals assist clients in deciding the best course of action based on their individual circumstances and hold them accountable for the decisions they make.


Please contact us at (804) 658-5214 to discuss your financial plan or click here.



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