Personalized counseling plays a vital role in emotional healing.  It helps find ways to deal with emotional suffering along with unwanted behaviors.  In addition, it helps improve personal relationships and give a sense of empowerment to handle life challenges.

We offer referrals to life coaching/mentoring and both personal and group counseling services to our clients and their children to provide support for an array of issues, including:

  • anxiety/depression
  • career
  • education
  • grief
  • family
  • personal

If you are experiencing difficulty with a trying situation and are considering counseling, please contact us at (804) 658-5214 or click here.

Unfortunately we cannot counsel all needs.  Please refer to the list below for special needs and contact one of our partners listed.  We promise to work in conjunction with our partners as needed to ensure all your needs are met.

Substance Use Disorder

McShin Foundation
(804) 249-1845

Domestic and Sexual Violence

Richmond Regional Hotline
(804) 612-6126

Human Trafficking

Safe Harbor
(833) 827-2270

Mental Health for youth

(800) 414-6427

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